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Jeffrey Amendola

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“A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” 


- Vito Corleone, Godfather I

My name is Jeffrey Amendola and I am the founder and Co-Owner of Amendola Family Cigar Co.  I am a first generation cigar blender and cigar manufacturer of 100% hand made premium cigars. 

I was born and raised in New York and New England with a rich Italian Culture, which manifests itself through the branding and values of not only my life but also my business. 

I have been in the cigar business since 2010 with experience in Cigar related events, owning and operating a cigar retail shop and lounge, and owning and managing a cigar factory in Durham, N.C. 

In 2012 I trained with Odelma Matos in Ybor City Florida and mastered the art of blending and hand rolling cigars. I display this art at private events, weddings, and other cigar related events. Having the knowledge and ability to blend and make my own cigars has allowed me to be more hands on in the process of creating and distributing our brand of hand made cigars. This is an important tool to have and one that separates me from many other cigar brand owners who do not have the ability to do so. 

In 2010 I fell in love with the cigar culture and started to understand and appreciate what good tobacco is. I love that cigars bring people together from all walks of life and that makes me happy. From the beginning of this journey I have always said that cigars are the greatest equalizer and I have witnessed how the love for the leaf brings all people together. 


My forefathers were innovators, bootleggers, business owners, and God fearing men who understood what it meant to be providers for their home.  That same drive to overcome and to have a place in this world runs through my veins today. I am determined to keep that tradition and legacy alive and instill into the hearts of my children, a very simple yet powerful legacy; Honor, Respect, Loyalty. 


Thank you all for your continued support and interest in learning about who I am, who my family is, and what our brand represents! 


From our family to yours, Salute!


Jeffrey R. Amendola

My name is Christopher Monaco, Co-Owner and Director of Sales and Marketing at Amendola Family Cigar Co.


I was born in St John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers, NY and raised in Westchester County by a traditional blue collar, hard working Italian family. I worked as a motorcycle technician for Ducati then later transferred my career into the elevator/escalator trade. I started at NY/NJ Port Authority maintaining equipment and plowing runways at Laguardia Airport. I then moved on to NYCTA MTA as a track worker/tunnel rat until an opportunity opened up in the elevator/escalator division. Once there, I continued my career as a mechanic maintaining/repairing equipment in the NYC subway/train stations throughout the 5 boroughs before leaving NY and moving south. 


My Journey in the cigar world started about 10 years ago when I got out of a band, started a family and needed a new hobby. I never planned on being in the cigar industry, it just happened organically, but sometimes the best things in life aren’t planned.


Right away I fell in love with the cigar culture and community. I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of and that would be a part of me forever moving forward. It was something that brought people together to interact in ways that can only happen with a stick in hand and smoke in the air. People from all different backgrounds and walks of life were always welcomed in with open arms. The sense of community and family was so strong, with my upbringing, I thoroughly respected it. 


It started at a local lounge in NY and over time, it grew into a passion. I

started hunting down unicorns but once I reached a plateau on collecting I was looking for something more. My appetite became stronger and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I got more involved and completely engulfed myself in the world of tobacco. I started to get curious about the business aspect of it. I dug in and researched manufacturers, how they blended, the history, and the art of it all. Only problem was I knew I had to be patient, it couldn’t be forced, it had to be at the right time.


In early 2019, that time came. Jeff and I were introduced by a mutual friend and at that moment we just clicked - it was “Naturale”. He was looking for someone to help bring the the brand to the next level. Someone to grab the bull by the horns, take charge, lead with him and help grow the brand into something bigger. With Jeff’s background and values being identical to mine, I knew this was a brand I could call my own. A brand that represented me, my family values and where we come from. It gave me a sense of inspiration and pride. I felt extremely confident In my ability to help catapult the brand and knew that Jeff and I would be a powerhouse as a team. This was the opportunity- It was time to get in the game and get to work.


With that being said, here we are..we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Our goal at Amendola Family Cigar Co. is to over time build a reputation as one of the hardest working cigar manufacturers and brand owners in the business. Built on tradition, respect, loyalty and honor. Something that our future generations will take pride in and carry on for years to come. We are proud to be a first generation cigar manufacturer and we wear it like a badge of honor.


I give my word and commitment to all our supporters that we will continue to work hard to bring you some of the best tobacco that the industry has to offer. While at the same time staying true to ourselves, the cigar community and never forgetting where we come from. Our loyalty and respect are to you and this brand is for you, the people who have honored us by choosing to smoke our cigars. We will continue to challenge ourselves and our company. We will always have high expectations on the quality of product we produce and provide. Complacency and mediocrity are not acceptable here. Go hard or go home. Family first, welcome to our family, Salutè to you and yours.

Christopher Monaco

Christopher Monaco

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“The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

- Lorenzo Anello,
A Bronx Tale

“Now you’s can’t leave”

- Sonny LoSpecchio,
A Bronx Tale

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